For school owners

If you are the owner or manager of an English school listed on Edufind, welcome. If you manage an English school that is not listed but is accredited by one of these organizations please get in touch so we can add your school. It's free. Edufind is a platform for students to share reviews of schools they have attended. As the manager or owner of an English school, you're encouraged to update your school listing with an accurate description of your school, a photo of the exterior of the building where your school is located, and a presentation video of your school. These elements, along with student reviews, are the most helpful for students who are trying to make an initial selection of English schools they might be interested in attending.

The aim of Edufind is not to provide all the information available about each school. We don't include course listings, prices, or dates. We only include 50 words of text about each school and a single photo. Our goal is to give students a quick way to see which schools are out there, where they are located, and what other students think of them, so they can contact the schools that look like a fit for them. We're not trying to replace your school's website or sell your courses for you.

You're more than welcome to inform your students about Edufind and encourage them to leave reviews of their experience, however, you may not offer your students any type of compensation for leaving a review. This is against our student review guidelines. Any review that is found to have been left in exchange for compensation will be removed. You are also not allowed to upload your students' reviews on our site in the place of your students. Only students are allowed to upload reviews on Edufind.