In 1996, Edufind went online as a simple reference site for English language learners. That first site had an English grammar guide, English quizzes, a job board for English teachers, and one of the first online directories of English schools.

It's come a long way since then.The English learning content is gone, but the school directory has developed enormously. It has a better layout and updated contact information. What you’ll find today is a complete directory of English schools in 9 countries, with thousands of student reviews and more every day.

Most language school review sites are either run by agencies who are trying to sell courses, or they are travel sites that just happen to include a few language schools. Those lists aren't complete. You never get a good look at all the schools that exist, and someone who’s trying to sell you a course won’t ever tell you how things really are.


That’s where Edufind comes in

  • Edufind listsall accredited English language schools in the country, and shows them to you on a map so you can pick schools that are right downtown, schools that are near the best beaches, or a really remote school for an off the beaten path experience.
  • Edufind has a picture of the outside of every single school. Lots of schools don’t even put pictures on their websites because they know students won’t like the look of the school. But you want to know whether your school is in a modern office block, above a nightclub, or in a stand-alone building with a huge garden around it.
  • You can't book a course through the site. If you want to book a course with a school, you'll have to get in touch with the school directly. The contact information is all right there.
  • You can rate your school overall, but you can also rate teachers, facilities, and several other factors individually. Your school might have had great teachers but the location wasn’t convenient or the building was shabby. Other students deserve to know what they’re signing up for.
  • Edufind reviews are unfiltered. Lots of students didn’t learn as much as they thought they would when they went abroad, or they don’t think their school was worth the money. Other students have tips to help you get the best teachers, choose the best place to stay, or sign up for the most effective courses. Edufind helps you share that information.

Edufind is intended to be helpful to students and we're always eager to hear what you think and to get your suggestions. Get in touch via the contact form or on Facebook or Twitter.