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EF San Francisco

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Our English language school in San Francisco sits in the iconic Fisherman’s Wharf district, where students can take a cable car to school or walk to the nearby shops and cafes of North Beach. Whether your personalized English courses in San Francisco are built to prepare you for the TOEFL exam or you focus on courses in English for business, your studies will be enhanced by EF San Francisco’s modern facilities.

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2748 Hyde Street
San Francisco, CA 94109
United States
(415) 409-0800
Average: 3 (2 votes)


Roberta Messina

My experience in San Francisco was beautiful, but with regard to the school, I found it quite disappointing. Here is a list of negative aspects of this trip: 1) The school is far away from the host families (usually at least 1 h). This means you lose lots of time travelling. 2) Families are paid very little by the school and therefore they tend to offer very few services (for example: I did not have internet access at home, they provided little food and of poor quality. I practically always did the shopping despite having paid for a half board). Some students found themselves in run-down and filthy homes (even with rats); Others lived with families who did not speak English (What is the point of that if you're on a language immersion course?) 3) If you have a problem with accommodation the school will not let you change. They tell you that you have to wait, add you to a waiting list, or ask you to pay a lot more money to go to the student residence. They don't seem to mind leaving you for weeks like this. There was a boy in our group who lived for 3 months in a family with 14 dogs and dog excrement everywhere. The school did not bother to find another solution for him. 4) The courses are for teenagers. I would not recommend them to adults or professionals at all. The sales staff had assured me that the school was suitable for all ages, but that is not the case. Often I was bored. The topics discussed in the classroom and the way they were discussed were suitable for very young people but certainly not for professionals. We often spent whole days playing team games (taboo or hangman). It's fun maybe, but it's not worth the cost of the course. There are a lot of students in each class and so you don't get many opportunities to speak, except among ourselves. Talking between students, no one monitored our English level. Personally I do not think I've improved much in 1 month in the US. I would have expected a lot more. My evaluation is very negative. I would not recommend this school at all.
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Better monitor of their accommodation, responding to the needs of students
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23 to 29
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General English

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