Kaplan International Toronto
総合評価: 2.5 (2 票)



カプラン・インターナショナル・トロント(Kaplan International Toronto)は、大都市で英語を学びたい方にピッタリの語学学校です。国際色豊かなトロントで、フェアやフェスティバル、レストランを楽しみながら英語を学べます。

55 York Street
Suite 700
Toronto, ON M5J 1R7
+1 (416) 364-0989
総合評価: 2.5 (2 票)



I was completely disappointed with that school! Please read my review before to make a decision to go there. I arrived just 2 days before my program began. Thanks God that I have a friend in Toronto who met me at the airport and gave me a lift to the location where I supposed to live. Btw I’d purchased the private room with no other student in the apartment, only the owner and me. When we arrived I called the owner a few times and tried to reach her from the lobby of the building but no one replied. I sent her a confirmation letter a week before with time and date but she didn’t reply as well. I had to stay at my friend’s house. Finally she called me back the next day (can you believe that?) and invite me to come. When I got there I’d realized that there is another man living as well. She asked me to keep it in secret but I’d paid more for staying alone!!! The next day I went to school. After an hour of introduction one lady in the end of her speech asked me to stay. She said that in such a rude way in front of everyone. She invited me to have a private conversation and read me kind of a 5 minutes lecture how to be polite with the owner who was waiting for my arrival. I told her that I came there in time but no one reply my phone call even didn’t answer the door bell but the administrator didn’t believe me. I asked her to give me my money for accommodation back but she denied. I was completely confused and moved to my friend’s house immediately. The next day all new students got into different groups. I got into my class-room and realized that most of all students already know each other and it’s not the first lesson of that class. Teacher didn’t introduce me and just asked me to have a seat. I felt like lost in that class. Then we had a break as I thought and I went down for a coffee but when I came back there wasn’t anyone in the classroom. I asked an administration to give me an explanation what’s going on but actually she told me to go back home. The next day there was kind of the same situation. I couldn’t believe that we should go back home after a 1,5 hour lecture. Btw the lectures were full of boring grammar exercises. No activities or creative tasks at all. I gave up on my program and went immediately to George Brown College. That was the best decision! Please, think twice before to go there! There are some nice schools and colleges you can go to for studying. I found GBC most interesting for me! Hope that my review will be helpful for you! P.S.: Kaplan has Russian speaking administrators maybe that’s why they were quite rude.
Fire all staff.
23 to 29
General English